About Warp

Warp for OS X allows you to convert and analyze (very) large databases with ease at the speed of light. In Warp, you work on a small subset of the data, after which Warp repeats your actions on the entire dataset. Unlike most data analysis apps, you do not have to type any codes in Warp.


  • Read data from files (e.g. CSVs), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite) or even big data warehouses (RethinkDB and Facebook Presto)

  • Effortlessly juggle around data between files and databases by simply dragging-and-dropping! Load CSV files into MySQL or transfer a PostgreSQL table to a RethinkDB table by just dragging one to the other.

  • Efficiently analyze large datasets: Warp works closely together with databases to deliver the best performance.

  • Work faster by creating your analysis on a small subset of the data, then run it on all data with only a single click

  • Use the same formulas and techniques (such as pivot tables) you already know from Microsoft Excelâ„¢

  • Easily re-run an analysis on different data, possibly from different sources

  • Easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, but the pro features are never more than a click away

System requirements

In order to be able to use Warp, you need to run at least OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).

More information

Warp is an app by Pixelspark. More information is available at the Warp homepage: Warp.one. Please let us know if anything is missing in this documentation.